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Breed Info   Travel Info
  Many countries have NO quarantine of pets IF you have all your paper work in order.  If you do not then your pet could stay in quarantine until the all paper work is in order and that could sometimes take weeks or months. So its best to prepare early.  Regulations vary from country to country but here are some general guidelines.
Beagle Standards   Before Flight (check list)


The skull should be fairly long, slightly domed at occiput, with cranium broad and full. Ears--Ears set on moderately low, long, reaching when drawn out nearly, if not quite, to the end of the nose; fine in texture, fairly broad-with almost entire absence of erectile power-setting close to the head, with the forward edge slightly inturning to the cheek--rounded at tip. Eyes--Eyes large, set well apart-soft and houndlike--expression gentle and pleading; of a brown or hazel color. Muzzle--Muzzle of medium length-straight and square--cut--the stop moderately defined. Jaws--Level. Lips free from flews; nostrils large and open. Defects--A very flat skull, narrow across the top; excess of dome, eyes small, sharp and terrierlike, or prominent and protruding; muzzle long, snipy or cut away decidedly below the eyes, or very short. Roman-nosed, or upturned, giving a dish-face expression. Ears short, set on high or with a tendency to rise above the point of origin.


Neck and Throat--Neck rising free and light from the shoulders strong in substance yet not loaded, of medium length. The throat clean and free from folds of skin; a slight wrinkle below the angle of the jaw, however, may be allowable. Defects--A thick, short, cloddy neck carried on a line with the top of the shoulders. Throat showing dewlap and folds of skin to a degree termed "throatiness."


Shoulders and Chest
Shoulders sloping--clean, muscular, not heavy or loaded--conveying the idea of freedom of action with activity and strength. Chest deep and broad, but not broad enough to interfere with the free play of the shoulders. Defects--Straight, upright shoulders. Chest disproportionately wide or with lack of depth.


Back, Loin and Ribs
Back short, muscular and strong. Loin broad and slightly arched, and the ribs well sprung, giving abundance of lung room. Defects--Very long or swayed or roached back. Flat, narrow loin. Flat ribs.


Forelegs and Feet
Forelegs--Straight, with plenty of bone in proportion to size of the hound. Pasterns short and straight. Feet--Close, round and firm. Pad full and hard. Defects--Out at elbows. Knees knuckled over forward, or bent backward. Forelegs crooked or Dachshundlike. Feet long, open or spreading.


Hips, Thighs, Hind Legs and Feet
Hips and thighs strong and well muscled, giving abundance of propelling power. Stifles strong and well let down. Hocks firm, symmetrical and moderately bent. Feet close and firm. Defects--Cowhocks, or straight hocks. Lack of muscle and propelling power. Open feet.


Set moderately high; carried gaily, but not turned forward over the back; with slight curve; short as compared with size of the hound; with brush. Defects--A long tail. Teapot curve or inclined forward from the root. Rat tail with absence of brush.


A close, hard, hound coat of medium length. Defects--A short, thin coat, or of a soft quality.


Any true hound color.


There shall be two varieties:
13" - hounds not exceeding 13 inches in height.
15" - hounds over 13 but not exceeding 15 inches in height.



  • Rabies Vaccination - This needs to be given to your pet more than 30 days before you arrive in your new country but less than 1 year.  (We would recommend getting them rabies shots about 6 weeks before you head to the airport)


  • Other Vaccinations - Even if your dog is up to date on its shots we recommend getting all the shots your dog needs 6 weeks before departure so that all vaccinations are current.  Your vet should also be able to provide you with the label off the vaccine bottles as added proof of vaccination.


  • Health Certificate - If you are coming from the U.S. you will need to have the USDA health certificate for your pet.  (APHIS USDA Form 7001) Your vet can get this for you.  Depending on the state you live in this could take 1 day or 2 months so check into it with your vet. (If you have more than one pet have one for each pet.) This certificate must be NO OLDER than 10 days old when arriving, so plan ahead.


  • Pet Records - You should also have your vet print out or give you a copy of all your pet's records and then you go and make additional copies for yourself.


  • Type of flight - We lived in Houston and were travleing to Korea in the summer. However,  airlines would not fly pets out incase the plane was delayed on the runway in which case the area where the pets are located could get hot and cause overheating conditions for the animals. So we rented a car and drove to L.A. where the climate is much cooler and safer for pets to fly.  We realize this may not be practical for everyone. So if you CANT do this then try to arrange ...


Summer - early morning or late evening take off with an early morning or late evening arrival if possible.


Winter - mid-afternoon take off with a mid afternoon arrival if possible.


  • Try to have a direct flight from your location to your destination.  If that isn't possible from your airport see about travel to another airport where it is possible.  The less the animals are handled the easier the trip is on them and the less likely hood of them being lost or mishandled. We actually drove from Houston to Chicago to have a direct flight to Poland.
At the time of Flight (check list)
  • Feed and water your pets 8 hours before the flight.  DO NOT feed animals before or provide food for them during flight as they may get air sick and cause a mess in their kennels. 


  • Make sure you walk the animals and let them pee and poop as close to fight time as possible. (Do not take pets out of cages in airport)


  • Arrive at the airport even earlier than you would with a normal flight (for pet check-in.)  You can usually stay with your pet till just before they need to start loading the luggage on the plane. 


  • Visually verify that you pet is loaded onto the plane or have someone go and visual verify the pets are on the plane for you.  (the ticket agent or boarding agent will try to comfort you by telling you that they are sure the pet(s) is on board but INSIST that visual confirmation is made. (be a little of an ass if you have to)


  • Have your leash(es) with you as carry on
Upon arrival (check list)
  • Go to pick up your luggage as normal....In our case the pets were delivered to the luggage pick up area where you can take control of them.


  • Proceed to immigrations and customs.....after you clear immigrations leave your pets at customs with all paper work attached to kennels...DO NOT GIVE ORIGINALS TO ANYONE AT THE AIRPORT.. If customs asks for a copy provide them with a COPY. Your pet will then be released to you provided you have met all customs and immigration requirements.
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Photos of Santos
05/12/2009 - Present
AKC CertificatePolish IKK Certificate Santos Fathers Cert Santos Mothers Cert Fathers Pedigree Mothers Pedigree
Santos Litter Purchase Agreement Santos Mother Award 1 Santos Mothers Award 2 Santos Mothers Award 3 Polish Export Pedigree

True Love Santos with Kyla Halloween 2011 Santos with Kyla coming back from a romp in the dogpark Houston [2010 08] Santos with Kyla Halloween 2011 Santos at the PanCan Run Houston [2011 12]

(2010 06) (2010 06) Santos with Kyla coming back from a romp in the dogpark Houston [2010 08] (2010 06) (2010 06) (2010 06)
(2010 06) Kyla and Santos watching New Years fireworks out the window (Jan 2010) Santos curling up in the closet Santos sitting in mom's lap (2010 04) . .
Santos' first snow (Jan 2010) Santos' first snow (Jan 2010) Santos' first snow (Jan 2010) Santos sniffing around in the front yard (Oct 2009) anots chasing tennis ball in the house (Nov 2009) Santos laying on the window ledge.  His favorite spot (Nov 2009)
. Santos playing in front yard (Oct 2009) Santos playing in front yard (Oct 2009) Santos at Mt. Sniezka Santos at Mt. Sniezka Santos at Mt. Sniezka
Santos the day we picked him at Hanna's house Carrie Kyla and Santos.  Aug 2009 Santos the day we picked him at Hanna's house Santos the day we picked him at Hanna's house Santos the day we picked him at Hanna's house
Santos as a puppy before we got him Santos with Hanna the owner of Santos mother Santos with Hanna the owner of Santos mother Santos as a puppy before we got him Santos as a puppy before we got him
Videos of Santos
Santos gets his winnings stolen.
Santos at our Apt complex's Doggy Halloween Costume Contest.


Photos of Adie
01/25/1999 - 09/07/2009
Adie meets her new mom on Easter Adie explores her new house in Long Beach, California Adie with her new toys. Adie in the back garden area of our apt in Houston. 1999
Adie attempting to take Pappago for a walk at Carrie's apt in Houston. Adie making friends in California. Making more friends at the dog park Adie showing her dominance at the dog park :-) Aide trying to show that she can clean the dishes better than the machine Adie back in Houston showing off her new green harness
Adie with dad visiting Papa house in Brownwood but not to sure about riding on the 4 wheeler. Adie in Seoul Korea, pouting about something Adie asking what's behind your it a Laser? Adie getting blown on by mom....something she loves to have done. Adie laying on the bed Adie welcoming Kyla into the family.
Adie relaxing at a KIS soccer tournament in Seoul. Soaking in the sun at the soccer tournament Adie on our first Christmas in Poland Adie still sedated after returning from having a tumor removed from her foot Adie at the PTA Picnic on the Volvo Ground in Wroclaw. Adie being filmed by dad as she crosses a stream in Nothern Italy
Adie at Francesca Calvi's house in Italy. Adie pouting about something Adie sleeping with dad in Houston Adie sleeping on the couch in Long Beach. Adie posing on the chair in Houston. Adie showing off her new harness
Adie all dressed up for Halloween Adie sharing her contemplations with Pappago in Seoul Adie and Pop on the new KIS astroturf soccer field Adie and Pappago having a tug-of-war game Begging for food in Seoul Adie and Pappago sharing the best spot in the house.
Pappago and Aide all dressed for Christmas Playing in Houston Adie meets a friend at the park in Poland Adie asking. 'Why me and not Papago?' . Adie with Kyla within the first week after Kyla's birth.  (taken in Korea 2005 06)
Adie (taken in Korea 2005 06) Adie with Kyla and Grams within the first week after Kyla's birth.  (taken in Korea 2005 06) Adie (taken in Korea 2005 06) Adie (taken in Korea 2005 06)
Videos of Adie

Farewell video to my little Adie.

Life was too short for such a

loving friend and member of the


Pappago and Adie reminding me they are out of water.  
Adie being really bored one day.
Adie and Pappagos Christmas 2007
Adie and Pappago wrestling on the Bed



Photos of Pappago
09/10/1990 - 04/27/2008
Pappago standing on the couch in Houston Pappago the Fat Years. . Pop and Adie on the couch in Houston Pop with dad and Adie on the couch. Pappago showing us his good side.
Pappago not sure what to make of the chic mom brought home from school. Pappago the Fat Years. Pappago all snug in bed in Houston Pappago all worn out from the exciting of Christmas on our trip to Long Beach. Pappago with Christmas presents Pappago on the KIS bus that picked us up at the airport when first arrive in Seoul.
Pop and Adie relaxing on the bed in our new apartment in Seoul. Dr. Poops Pop having a hard time sitting on the slick linoliumn flooring due to the fact that when he lays down on his stomach he lays like a frog and thus his legs are too limber to support him on the slick surface Pop not quite making it the full 5K on the Terry Fox charity event in Seoul. Pop on the Terry Fox 5K charity event walk/run Pappago giving you that....'please'.. look.
Pop managed to somehow walk through mom's shirt on his way to eat. Snug in Bed in Seoul. Pappago relaxing at a Korean Event under a tent. Pop and Adie resting with Memaw on her visit to see us after Kyla was born. Pop and Adie on the new KIS soccer field at the school opening picnic. Pop on the KIS Field.  2006
Photo of Pappgo near the end of his life. Pop sitting with his leg going opposite directions. Original Photo for the previous picture. Photo montage of our trip around the western US with Pappago Pappago decided that getting between the legs of the bar stool was a good place to be after he injured his back and couldnt walk very well.  The support of the bar stool allowed him to stand up Pop and Adies Memorial Christmas 2010 (Woodway Square Apt)
Pop and Adies actual bury plot cover in snow but cleaned up by our secret Polish caretaker (Renata) (Christmas 2010) Pappago (taken in Korea 2005 06)
Videos of Pappago
Farewell video to my little buddy.  
Pappago and Adie reminding me they are out of water.  
Pappago and Adie's Christmas 2007
Pappago and Adie wrestling on the bed
Pappago opening his presents




Pappago and Adie Grave site outside Wroclaw.
Pappago's First Grave Site Pappago and Adie 2010 Pappago and Aide with Sign Pappago and Aide with Sign Pappago and Aide with Sign Pappago and Aide with Sign The Sign Pappago and Aide with Sign Grave site winter 2010-2011 Grave site winter 2010-2011
Grave site Spring 2011 Grave site Spring 2011